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S & G Water Conditioning
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Remediation & Contaminant Removal

From an individual home to an entire community, we can provide the assets to design, build and operate all types of remediation systems.

We have completed many projects ahead of schedule for EPA and PA DEP, as well as private responsible parties and homeowners.

We understand the requirements of all parties and work to improve the water quality for the end users while meeting the regulatory requirements and timelines of the enforcement authority and the budget constraints of the responsible party.

All of our systems can be customized to your site conditions. We have a variety of tank sizes if you have space or height restrictions. We have cartridge, self-cleaning or automatically regenerating prefiltration equipment as well. We also have totalizing meters that display the gallons used, or can digitally log the water use for later analysis. We can also provide post filtration cartridge filters and Ultraviolet Sterilizers when requested.

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Filtration Media & Regenerants
Some of the Contaminants we can remove:

Activated Alumina - Activated Carbon (Coal, Coconut, Wood) - Adsorptive Media - Alum - Anion Resins - Anthracite Coal - Antiscalants - Arsenic Removal Media -Birm - Carbon (Granular, Pelletized, Block)  - Cation Resins - Clarifiers - Coagulators - Color Removal Medias - Corrosion Inhibitors - Cyst Reduction Media - Dealkalizers - Dechlorinators - Deionizers - Diatomite - Filter Ag - Hydrogen Sulfide Removal -  Inorganics Removal Medias - Iodinated Resins -Iron Removal Medias - Lead Removal Media - Manganese Removal Media - Metals Removal Media - MTBE Removal Media - Neutralizing Material - Nitrate Removal Media - Ozone Removal Media - Phosphate Removal Media -  Potassium Chloride - Potassium Permanganate - Radon Removal Media - Rust Removal Media - Salt - Sand Media - Sequestrants - Sulfur Removal Media - Taste and Odor Media - Turbidity Removal Media

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