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Arsenic & Nitrate

These are both found in our area and can be from naturally occurring sources of as a result of chemical release. In either event, we have the capability to remove them from your water supply.

First, you need to test your water to determine if the contaminant is present and the concentration. Then we can use that information, along with other lab results, site conditions and building uses to calculate the types and size of the treatment equipment you will need.

Then we will provide you with information about equipment options and accessories that are available so you can make an informed choice for the solution to your problem.

We have several Arsenic removal medias to choose from, depending on your water quality.

We also have several methods to deal with Nitrates. The most common is an ion exchange resin that works similar to a water softener, but instead of softening the water with a Cation resin, we use an Anion resin that in selective for the Nitrate molecule. We can also treat the whole house with a large reverse osmosis system if the conditions warrant that level of treatment.

If the application is for a public water system, we can help you with the permitting process and make sure you do not have issues with the DEP.

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