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PFC's PFOS & PFOA contamination

PFOS & PFOA are both contaminants in the perfluorinated chemicals family. In our area, these contaminants are being found in well and municipal water supplies near the Willow Grove NAS in Horsham, and the old NADC facility in Warminster.

While the contaminated public wells have been shut down until they can be treated, many people are still concerned about the water quality. If you are, we have the specialty carbon filters to remove these contaminants, if they are present, as well as residual Chlorine and Chlorine byproducts that are also found in public water supplies. So while we are removing contaminants, we will also improve the taste of your water!

When dealing with an individual well, we recommend using a dual tank system set up to EPA and DEP specifications, even if it is only for a private owner. The dual tank setup would have a test port between the tanks, that is sampled periodically by your lab. When the contaminant is detected at that point, you would notify us to replace a tank. We will move the second tank to the primary position and the fresh tank would become the secondary tank. This provides maximum protection to the users and allows you to totally expend the primary tank before replacement.

All of our remediation equipment is designed & fabricated in our Warminster facility or on site.

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